Bengali is a member of the Indo-Aryan group of the Indo-Iranian branch of the Indo-European language family.

It is spoken by more than 210 million people as a first or second language.

bengali palace

Five interesting facts about the Bengali language:

1. Bengali does not have gender-specific pronouns. However, it does have gender-specific terms, such as actor and actress, and mother and father.

2. Bengali is the seventh most spoken language in the world.

3. The national anthems of both India and Bangladesh were written in Bengali.

4. Bengali is the official language of Bangladesh. In India, Bengali is the official language of the states of West Bengal, Tripura, and the Barak Valley region of the state of Assam.

5. International Mother Language Day is an initiative originating in Bangladesh. In Bangladesh, 21 February is the anniversary of when the Bangladeshi fought for the recognition of the Bengali language.

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