Translations that just click

You’ve worked hard to ensure the complex technical wizardry that makes your product run looks and feels effortless. Now you need to make sure your international audiences get the same seamless user experience in their own language. Professional translation from our qualified team of experts ensures that all of the interface text and documentation surrounding your tech remains clear, consistent and stylish, wherever in the world your users are located.

“We have developed a close working relationship with the team at STB. They make use of our in-house systems so that they integrate seamlessly into our ways of working. This makes the process slick, secure and error free. We fully expect to keep them close as we evolve our platform into additional languages to meet the needs of our increasingly global client base.” – Head Light

We have worked on countless translation projects for IT and tech clients like you, including:

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Why do I need IT and technology translation?

Few things disappoint end users more than poor UI or confusing experiences. No matter how good your tech is, if the language accompanying it is unclear, incorrect or out of date, then users will switch off.

STB’s translation and revision service is designed to deliver perfect UX in your target audiences’ own languages. With a project manager taking care of all the details and deadlines and two qualified, native, technologically-literate translators working on your text, you can rest easy in the knowledge that your tech will translate to perfect user experience, anywhere in the world.

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