Assemble your perfect translation process

You expect precision down to the millimetre. In your field, anything less can mean faulty products, equipment failure, expensive facility downtime and even operator safety risks. So why accept anything less than that same degree of technical precision in your translated text? Professional translation services mean all of your documentation remains clear, precise and easy to follow in every language, so you can keep everything running smoothly.

“We have been working with Surrey Translation Bureau (STB) on several marketing and sales projects for almost ten years. STB translates technical manuals and product specifications from German into English for us. The translations are always delivered on time and in a high standard quality. We really appreciate the quick and constructive communication and can recommend the cooperation. We look forward to continuing our good collaboration with STB.” – Doepke

We have delivered countless technical translations for clients like you, including:

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Why do I need technical translation?

In manufacturing and machinery, one faulty screw can have catastrophic consequences. The same is true in the translation of manufacturing documentation, where one mistranslated word could have similar effect. With STB’s translation and revision service your text will be processed by a qualified, native professional with technical expertise, and their work will be verified by another equally qualified translator, eliminating the risk of technical inaccuracies that could bring your manufacturing processes to a grinding halt. The whole translation process will be overseen by your assigned project manager, ensuring the end results are clear, effective and terminologically consistent and delivered right on time.

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