Translation to the letter of the law

In legal matters there is no room for ambiguity. Your words need to be measured, efficient and precise, so why would your words in another language be any different? From personal documents right through to international contracts, only a professional team can deliver translations with the required degree of accuracy.

“We require translation services at short notice, and we must have confidence in their accuracy. STB have a consistent record of delivering on both accounts. We often require a special solution by design. STB don’t just provide translations they contribute to our thinking about the project.” – Valetime Group

We have delivered countless legal translations for clients like you, including:

  • Contracts and legal letters
  • Transcripts of depositions and proceedings
  • Banking documents
  • Immigration documents
  • Personal documents such as birth certificates, degree certificates and wills

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Why do I need legal translation?

Dealing with legal issues across borders and cultures can be complex enough even without the additional complication of a language barrier. With professional translation from an experienced, trusted partner, you can rest assured that all parties can communicate and understand one another perfectly, so you can focus on ironing out the fine print.

Entrust your legal documents to STB’s translation and revision service and you will be assigned a dedicated project manager to oversee the entire process. They will select a team of qualified, native translators with relevant legal expertise and professional accreditation to get to work on your project, coordinating all of the details and deadlines on your behalf, including notarisation where necessary. The result? Word perfect translations with accuracy, confidentiality and quality guaranteed.

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