Let AI-assisted software tackle your translation, while still retaining the human touch of an experienced professional translator. Our AI-supported translation process can handle large volumes of text in a short time, with human quality control to ensure clarity and accuracy.

Why is it necessary to edit the AI translation?

Our AI-supported translation process takes advantage of what the software does best: translating very large projects very quickly to a ‘for information’ standard.

While modern AI-assisted translation software can deliver results that would otherwise be impossible due to volume or time constraints, it is important to remember that the technology is not yet perfect. Languages are complex, and in almost all cases still require  human intervention to ensure  the meaning doesn’t get lost in machine translation.

That’s why using AI-supported software isn’t as simple as pushing a button and getting perfect results. It can be a complicated and frustrating process, fraught with possible stumbling blocks, particularly for inexperienced users.

AT STB, we’ve completed countless AI-assisted translation projects, and we’ll be more than happy to guide you through the process.

How does it work?

When you contact us about your project, we’ll talk a little about your goals and advise whether AI-supported translation is right for your project. Next, we’ll prepare a no-obligation quote letting you know the exact cost and delivery time if you want to go ahead.

Using AI-assisted technology, the machine translation engine converts your text from one language to another almost instantaneously.

Once the machine translation has done the heavy lifting, a professional translator steps in to check the work. We’ll ask them to edit the translation as thoroughly as your project demands, and deliver the finished translation to you in record time.


Get in touch to discuss how to get the best out of AI-supported translation.