When an organisation or institution requires that a translation be legalised, it usually means that they need to be certain that the translation can be trusted. This is often the case when verifying credentials for a job application, educational qualifications, or bureaucratic procedures handling documents like birth or death certificates and immigration papers.

Unfortunately, navigating bureaucratic systems can be a real headache, particularly when a language barrier is involved. But entrust your translation to STB and you can rely on our decades of experience handling legalised translations.

How does it work?

Once we have completed your translation, our team can handle any requested legalisation steps on your behalf. We will take care of all the paperwork and legwork, making appointments for and attending any necessary in-person meetings while handling your documents with the utmost care, consideration and confidentiality. Once complete, the legalised translations will be compiled into a folder alongside the certification documents, ready for you to present as an official, professionally translated package.

  • Certification: if you need to show that a translation has been prepared by professional translators, then our certification service could meet this requirement. We attach a stamped, dated and signed company certificate to a hard copy of the original document and the translation.
  • Notarisation: after certification, we can also arrange for the hard copy of a translation to be notarised by a qualified notary public, ensuring their authenticity and legal validity.
  • FCO Apostille: we take care of the complex process of obtaining an FCO Apostille on our certified translation bundle, which is a certificate that authenticates the document for international use. It is typically required for translated documents to be officially recognised in countries that are part of the Hague Convention.

Do I need notarisation?

  • Are the translated documents intended to be used to support an official application?
  • Has an official requested that you acquire legalisation, a certification from a notary public, or an FCO apostille?
  • Is there any likelihood that the validity of your translated documents will be contested?

If any or all of these apply to your translation project, STB’s legalisation services may be right for you.


Get in touch and we’ll be happy to guide you through the process.