“We have been working with STB for the last ten years on several challenging multi-language projects and they have always delivered quality work in a timely manner. In the field of healthcare it is of primary importance that work is accurate, and we have every confidence in STB in delivering on that front. They are professional and efficient and it’s always a pleasure to speak to their team.” – PatientView

At Surrey Translation Bureau, we have a vast amount of experience in the healthcare sector, ranging from translating text for the public health organisations, pharmaceutical companies and medical device manufacturers. With extensive research, an indepth term database and specialist native translators with background in life sciences and medicine, we ensure that there is consistency in the translated message and that it meets the high standards you expect from us.

What can we translate?

  • Medical reports
  • Research papers and articles
  • IFUs (Instructions for Use)
  • Product packaging
  • Public information material
  • Interviews and surveys
  • Website content and blogs
  • Commercial documents

The growth in the global healthcare market brings exciting new opportunities for expansion across national and cultural borders. Yet these opportunities also pose challenges, especially when it comes to effective communication. This is precisely why professional translation is so vital in the field of medicine. There are so many aspects of communication and understanding in the sector:

Clear communication of health issues

One of the many issues made evident by the global Coronavirus pandemic is the importance of timely communication. Particularly in matters of public health, it is crucial that clear and concise information and instructions are distributed quickly both nationally and internationally. This means communicating a consistent message to different groups of people in their own language, so that everyone is fully aware of the importance of their role in the collective health effort. From simple guidance like ‘wear a mask’ to more critical information about what to do when someone is infected with COVID-19, to slow the spread of the virus.

Facilitating understanding between medical professionals and patients

In order to give an accurate diagnosis and prepare the proper course of treatment, medical professionals and their patients need to be able to communicate. Translation aids in ensuring that patients receive safe and high-quality healthcare and that both medical staff and the patients are satisfied with the final outcome.

Aiding collaboration in medical research and product development

In today’s globalised world, pharmaceutical companies, medical equipment manufacturers, healthcare providers, medical researchers and even national governments are sharing their knowledge and working together to push forward innovations that will boost growth in the healthcare sector. The global Coronavirus vaccine effort is one notable recent example. Translation helps eliminate language (and sometimes legal and cultural) challenges in such communications, so that life-saving progress is not impeded.

Fulfilling legal requirements

In many countries, it is required by law to get certain text translated, whether it is related to medical product packaging, Information for Users (IFUs), patents, results of clinical trials or agreements.

Working with Surrey Translation Bureau

When you work with STB, you can rest assured that your medical translation is in the best hands. Here are some of the reasons why you should work with us:

Professional accreditations

Surrey Translation Bureau (STB) offers specialist medical translation services to several pharmaceutical and healthcare organisations in the UK and overseas. STB is independently certified to the general business quality standard BS EN ISO 9001:2015, and to the translation industry standard BS EN ISO 17100:2015. The accreditation requirements ensure we always offer high quality of services to our clients. We have several awards and customer testimonials to back that up.

Specialist translators

We use native translators with experience in the healthcare sector to ensure the translated content is accurate and appropriate for the audience it’s intended for. Our project managers will only select medical specialist translators to work on your content, ensuring that they are well versed in the science, application and terminology at the heart of your products and services. Our medical linguists are committed to regular Continuing Professional Development (CPD) to stay abreast of industry developments including terminology and regulatory changes, as well as honing their research skills. Our linguists use up-to-date reference resources including the European Medicines Agency’s (EMA) QRD templates for Product Information and the EDQM Standard Terms.


When it comes to medical text, accuracy is vital. We run rigorous quality checks on every translation and also ensure that there is consistency with any previous translations and any client-approved terminology. As a result, our translations are professional, accurate and consistent with the client’s tone and style.

Delivery guaranteed

We have a large pool of qualified translators who specialise in a variety of medical fields, including pharmaceutical and medical device documentation, clinical trials and general healthcare content. Our project management team is also adept in handling medical projects with different volumes and deadlines. They are on hand to put in place an efficient workflow to handle your medical translation project, no matter the size or scope.

Additionally, using the latest translation software, we build a ‘translation memory’ that stores translations recurring phrases and a ‘termbase’ or glossary of specialist terminology for our regular clients. This helps us offer the best possible turnaround times, without compromising on quality and customer service.