Like copywriting in another language, transcreation is used for marketing materials where creativity is a must.

Why is transcreation necessary?

Successfully marketing a brand, product or service requires expert knowledge of your target audience. What works in one market may not work in another culture and language.

As opposed to straightforward translation services, which usually mirror the structure, tone and content of your copy, transcreation takes your text as a starting point to create an entirely new piece of marketing work, specifically suited to the needs and expectations of your target audience.

How does it work?

When you contact us about transcreation, we will talk a little about your project and prepare a quote, letting you know the exact cost and timeframe to expect.

When you’re ready to go ahead, we will also ask you to provide a brief for our linguists. If you’re not used to setting briefs, we can help with this but the main things we need to know are who the piece is aimed at and what you hope to achieve.

Using this brief and your original text as inspiration, we will create new copy that hits all the right notes in the markets you’re targeting. A specialist linguist will work in tandem with both us and you in a collaborative process, ensuring the work they create has your total approval.

Since you will probably not be able to read the transcreated work, we can provide a simplified ‘back translation’ version of the new piece in your language. This ensures you will know exactly what your brand is saying to your new prospective customers, while never losing control of your message.

Get in touch to discuss how transcreation can boost your marketing.