Reach new audiences with a multilingual website and market-targeted SEO.

Why translate my website?

Perhaps the most valuable tool at your business’ disposal, your website is the heart of your company’s digital presence. In today’s world, whenever a prospective customer wants to learn more about you, interact with your brand, or make a purchase, they’re doing it on your website.

But what if the first thing they find on your website turns them away? Or if they can’t search for your website at all? If your company is only communicating in a language that they don’t speak, they are going to take their clicks – and their custom – elsewhere.

Translating your website and using multilingual SEO gives your business access to entire new markets, meeting your new customers on their terms, and in their language.

How does it work?

When you contact us, we’ll analyse your website to find all the text for translation. We’ll then talk you through an itemised list, so you can choose which pages you need in which languages. You could also choose to add SEO at this stage, telling us what you’re hoping to rank for. We’ll take all of this and compile it into a quote, letting you know the exact cost and timeframe for translating your website.

When you’re ready to go ahead, then it’s over to us. We’ll handle all of the translation and quality checks, with professional linguists working to our high quality standards. If you’ve opted for multilingual SEO, we’ll research relevant keywords to optimise your website for new audiences.

Once complete, we can either deliver the translations for you to implement on your end, or even insert the translations directly into your CMS, depending what works best for you.

Get in touch to discuss how translation can transform your website.