A streamlined service for faster translations.

Is ‘translation only’ right for me?

Translation is at the heart of everything we do at STB. Our ‘translation only’ service is a streamlined version of our standard translation and revision service, designed for projects where speed is a priority. Rather than going to a second linguist for an in-depth review, the translation undergoes purely automated checks for spelling, grammar and formatting errors.

We recommend this service for any translation required for information purposes where style and polish aren’t a high priority, such as internal meeting minutes.

You can add on our editing service if you require more quality checks than translation alone, or opt for our translation and revision service, which is our most requested service.


How does it work?

Send us your documents for translation and tell us a little about your project. We’ll prepare a quote letting you know exactly how long the work will take and what it will cost.

If you’re happy, give us the go ahead and we’ll select a professional linguist whose native language and subject area expertise are perfect for the demands of your project. Then we’ll use specialist software to check your completed translations are free from errors. Once complete, we’ll send over your newly translated files.


Get in touch to discuss the right level of service for your project.