What is our translation and revision service?

One of our key services, translation and revision is for your business-critical documents – the external presentations, publications and contracts that are essential for your business operations.

It is a two step process where your documents are translated by one of our expert translators and then reviewed by a second translator.

After your text has been translated by one of our expert translators, it undergoes a thorough revision process. This revision service is a critical step in our translation process, where a second translator carefully reviews the translation against the original document.

What value does it add?

  • Ensuring accuracy: our reviser meticulously cross-references the translation with the source document to guarantee that the translated content is precise and faithful to the original.
  • Suitability for the agreed purpose: we take into consideration the intended purpose of the translation. Whether it’s a legal document, a tender submission, or any other critical material, we ensure that the translation is perfectly suited for the context and use.
  • Consistency: maintaining consistency is crucial in translations. Our reviser checks for consistency in terminology, style, and tone throughout the document to provide a coherent and cohesive translation.
  • Use of appropriate terminology: we are committed to using the correct terminology and jargon specific to your industry or subject matter. Our reviser verifies that the translation employs the most suitable and accurate terminology.

How do we do it?

The reviser assigned to your project diligently reads both the source document and the translated text in full. This comprehensive approach ensures that every nuance, detail, and subtlety in the original document is faithfully represented in the translation.

When do you need the revision service?

Our Revision Service is especially well-suited for documents that demand the highest level of accuracy and faithfulness to the original text. Examples of documents that greatly benefit from this service include:

  • Tender submissions: accuracy in tender submissions is vital. Our revision service ensures that your proposals are not only translated correctly but also aligned with the precise requirements of the tender.
  • Legally binding documents: legal documents carry significant consequences. Our revision process guarantees that the translation is legally sound and fully reflects the content and purpose of the original document.
  • External business documents: any document that holds critical importance in your business operations can benefit from our revision service. This includes contracts, agreements, technical manuals, website content, product packaging and more.