Our editing service is designed to ensure that your translated content reads like it was originally written in the target language.

What is our editing service?

Our editing service is the final touch in our translation process. After your text has been translated by one of our expert translators, it is passed on to a second professional to ensure it is both linguistically and culturally impactful for your target market.

What value does it add?

  • Fine-tuning style: our editor focuses on perfecting the style of the translated content to ensure that it seamlessly fits the cultural and linguistic nuances of the target audience.
  • Adapting register: we understand the importance of using the right register in your content. Whether it’s formal, informal, technical, or casual, our editor ensures that the text strikes the appropriate tone.
  • Optimising terminology: correct and context-appropriate terminology is crucial. Our editor verifies that the translation uses the most suitable and accurate terminology, making the content sound natural and native.

How do we do it?

The editor assigned to your project reads the translated text in full but does not refer back to the source document. This approach allows them to focus entirely on the translated text, ensuring that it stands on its own as a fluent, natural, and impactful piece of content.

When do you need the editing service?

Our editing service is particularly well-suited for documents where style, flow, and impact are paramount. Examples of content types that greatly benefit from this service include:

  • Web and app content: your online presence is your brand’s voice. Editing ensures that your web and app content not only conveys the right message but does so in a way that engages and resonates with your target audience.
  • Marketing materials: marketing materials, including brochures, advertisements, and promotional content, need to be compelling and persuasive. Our editing process enhances the persuasiveness and clarity of your marketing messages.
  • Sales presentations: a well-crafted sales presentation can make all the difference. Our editors ensure that your sales content has the right tone and impact to win over potential clients and partners.
  • Creative texts: if you have creative content, such as literature, poetry, or artistic texts, our editing service can help maintain the artistic essence while ensuring that it is accessible to a broader audience.