Written on 30 October, 2019

Have you ever gone to a printing agency and realised they provide more than just printing solutions – maybe design services or creative consultation just to name a few? Many businesses within the professional sector are now expanding their horizons to stay on top of the competition as well as to offer a one-stop shop to their clients.

We want to be able to offer every service that our clients need: this is what strives our passion for excellent customer service as well as our fantastic professional services, so much so that we’ve recently been shortlisted for the Surrey Business Awards in both categories!

Some of these additional translation services have been in our portfolio for quite a while, whilst some have been recently introduced to meet the growing needs of our clients. Here is a quick look into what else you can ask us for with your translation projects:



Accuracy is key. Once we have completed your translation, a second translator will compare your translated document to the original source to double-check that the terminology and style are spot on. This is an important add-on if your document will be used for external purposes.

Notarisation and legalisation

Pen and stamp for legal translation

A popular service amongst both our individual and legal clients; we can get your translation legalised or notarised, depending on your needs.

SEO translation

SEO translation

For businesses trying to reach an audience overseas, translating your website and SEO campaign may be an essential part of your export plan.

We will firstly translate your website content, keeping in mind factors such as culture, humour, context and local dialects.

Then, if you want the foreign language version to be optimised for search engines in the target market, we will research the top keywords and include them within the page content, meta descriptions, page titles and image alt descriptions.



Whether you are working on a film project, recording an interview for marketing purposes or just creating a video to explain the workings of your equipment, we can help by providing subtitles for your video in most languages, in turn making it suitable for an international audience.


Localisation US UK

Accessibility on a global scale is becoming essential for growing businesses, and that’s where translation comes in. But what about in the English speaking world? It’s still commonly thought that when it comes to English, everyone speaks and understands the same language, however, US English can in fact be very different to UK English or Australian English. That’s where localisation comes into the mix.

Localisation involves adapting your text to a country or region where there can be significant differences in vocabulary and grammar. When we localise your text, we also consider cultural sensitivities, currencies, date format, addresses and phone numbers, plus any idiomatic and slang expressions.

Desktop publishing

Desktop publishing

You’ve had your brochure translated into Arabic for use in the Gulf market, but the formatting of the text is all wrong?

We can provide desktop publishing (DTP) and typesetting services, where we set the translation into your document template. The final PDF will then be checked by the translator or reviser to ensure that the end product replicates the original document.

We would highly recommend this service for languages which use non-Latin script, such as Arabic, Russian, Bulgarian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Hindi, Urdu and Bengali.



As companies become increasingly global in nature, the need to overcome cultural and linguistic challenges to advertise products or services in different countries becomes more apparent.

This is where creative translation or ‘transcreation’ comes in.

Transcreation entails adapting a brand message for a different language whilst retaining the same impact as the original. When a slogan is transcreated, for instance, the aim is to produce a translation that has the same effect as the original, and not necessarily replicate the original wording, unlike ‘normal’ translation.

Post-editing of machine translation


If you have had your document machine translated and are confident of its overall quality, then we can offer ‘light’ post-editing to make it clear and accurate, which in some cases, can be the most efficient and cost-effective solution.

The post-editor will check that no text has been left untranslated, added or omitted, and that the translation accurately conveys the original meaning and ensure that any glossaries provided have been adhered to.

Having a skilled and diverse team, which is passionate about languages, enables us to give you more options when you come to us. Translation will always be our core offering, but any related requirements then also become a part of our services. So rather than, going to three different agencies for a single project, talk to us to see if we can deliver you a complete package, making the whole process quicker, more efficient and possibly more cost effective.

If you want to find out more about the services we offer or have a project in mind, please get in touch with our multi-award winning team at hello@surreytranslation.co.uk or call +44 (0) 1252 730014.

Written by Marya Jabeen