Written on 20 June, 2023

Surrey Translation Bureau (STB) has always been committed to making a positive impact beyond its core business operations. As a socially conscious business, STB recognises the significance of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and has recently unveiled its comprehensive CSR framework for its staff. This framework reflects STB’s longstanding commitment to ethical business practices and showcases its dedication to making a difference in the workplace, the environment, the community, and social issues. By embracing CSR, STB aims to create a positive work culture, foster sustainability, support social causes, and strengthen its connection to the local community. Let’s take a closer look at the various aspects of STB’s CSR initiatives.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) can be divided into four main categories: workplace, environment, community and social issues. Below is a look at what we’re doing here at STB in each of these areas.



STB prides itself on providing a workplace that works for all employees. To ensure this is achieved, we offer a Hybrid Working Model, a Remote Working Policy, which includes the option to work remotely from anywhere for one week per year, and a Flexible Working Policy, which offers customised working patterns to support carers of dependants, as well as all team members, in achieving an optimum work-life balance.

There is also a Health and Wellbeing Policy in place at STB, which promotes good mental health, provides mental health guidance for employees and line managers, and offers Wellness Action Plans (for remote and in-office working). Selected staff have also been trained as Mental Health First Aiders.

STB is proud to be an Equal Opportunities Employer, as highlighted in our recruitment materials and backed up with the provision of relevant training to line managers. As a translation agency, our staff naturally hail from different nations and have various mother tongues, so we always seek to promote a diverse and inclusive workforce. We endeavour to celebrate cultural diversity through company-wide engagement with our staff members’ national or cultural festivities. Gender equality is also promoted with staff being given the option to define their own gender pronouns and use a mixed-gender bathroom.


STB recognises the adverse impact businesses can have on the environment and is committed to reducing this by improving workplace sustainability. STB’s efforts and commitments towards environmental sustainability are set out in an Environmental Sustainability Policy. This includes efforts to reduce carbon emissions through the implementation of a hybrid working model, as well as pledges to reduce waste and maximise recycling. The targets set out in this policy are regularly monitored.

STB takes a transparent and honest approach to its efforts toward improving workplace sustainability and is dedicated to sharing this data with staff members, clients and suppliers in the form of a sustainability report. This report will be reviewed on an annual basis to ensure STB is on track to meet its targets.


Social issues

To support social issues, STB employees can volunteer for a registered charity or social enterprise of their choice and full-time employees are allowed to book up to two working days per year to dedicate to an initiative that is meaningful to them.

We also support a calendar of regular fundraising events. These include participation in Macmillan coffee mornings, Save the Children Christmas Jumper Day and crafting events for mental health charities, such as Mind.

As an example of the kind of initiatives we have this area, for every response we received to the annual customer survey 2022, we made donations to charities nominated by our clients or selected by us on their behalf, including Macmillan Cancer Research, PEN International, Bowel Cancer UK, Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice, Blue Cross, Dog’s Trust, Save the Children and WWF.

We are an official in-kind sponsor of Translators without Borders: https://translatorswithoutborders.org/sponsors/in-kind-sponsors/. We’ve also supported them in the past with other fundraising campaigns, including this one: https://twitter.com/STB_Ltd/status/1213091439263047680?s=20



STB is proud to play a role in the local community with initiatives including our sponsorship of the Farnham Fireballs kids’ floorball team, and provision of weekly language lessons, which helps to foster a thriving linguistic sub-community. We also have an informal parents’ network, offering support and advice.

As a family-run business with a community-driven ethos, we maintain a longstanding connection to STB alumni, for example through a range of social events and fundraising activities. At work, we use the community platform Slack, incorporating business efficiency with ease of cross-location communication, which helps us to ensure that everyone is included in the conversation, wherever they are working from.


Some benefits of CSR

• STB’s CSR initiatives are aimed at building trust, raising awareness, and encouraging social change.

• Employees who frequently participate in their company’s volunteering activities are more likely to feel loyal to their employer and are nearly twice as satisfied with their career progression.

• Having a CSR strategy that cultivates a sense of larger purpose and gets people involved results in happier and more engaged employees, who are proud to work for their company.

• In addition to providing suitable working conditions, diversity, equity and inclusion policies, and mental health support, and addressing complex workplace issues head on, internal CSR activity also helps to create meaningful engagement opportunities that line up with the employees’ own social concerns. This not only helps to create a motivated and open work culture at STB, but a considerably less stressful one too, which, in turn, leads to improved employee retention.

STB’s Corporate Social Responsibility framework demonstrates its unwavering commitment to creating a positive impact in the world. By prioritising workplace well-being, environmental sustainability, social issues, and community engagement, STB sets a high standard for responsible business practices. Through policies such as hybrid working models, mental health support, waste reduction, and community involvement, STB creates an inclusive and supportive work environment that benefits both employees and the wider community. By embracing CSR, STB not only inspires its employees to make a difference but also sets an example for other businesses to follow.