Surrey Translation Bureau (STB) is committed to laying the foundations for the future of the translation industry. We recognise the importance of nurturing the next generation of linguists and are dedicated to inspiring and supporting them. In the last few years, STB has engaged in several outreach efforts, including speaking engagements with school pupils, university students and recent graduates within the local community.

As part of our ongoing commitment, STB recently took part in the Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) Careers Event at the Forest School in Horsham. Translation Team Leader Chloe Jones MA visited the school to deliver a talk to Year 9 and KS4 students and answer questions from them at her stand. This event aimed to broaden students’ perspectives on career options and opportunities using languages. Chloe provided insights into careers in the translation industry and pathways at both pre and post-degree levels.

Chloe at Forest school

This is what Nadia Maggiore, MFL teacher at the Forest School, had to say to Chloe after her visit:

“You brought a wealth of knowledge and expertise. It was lovely to have an academic approach to learning languages as some of our students are very academically minded, and sharing your experience was invaluable. Our students are very lucky to have had the opportunity to hear you, so I’d like to thank you again for coming!”

Chloe will also be speaking to local Year 7 students at Farnham Heath End School on Thursday 7th March, where she will present on careers with languages and in the field of translation in particular.

Chloe said: “These talks to students are a great way to open their eyes to the opportunities that languages can give them, encourage them to continue with language learning and GCSE and beyond, and share our own experiences.

STB takes pride in these established partnerships and looks forward to further opportunities to support and inspire students and educational institutions in our local community.

We are also keen on fostering relationships with other local businesses. If you require translation services, please do not hesitate to contact us.