Written on 2 December, 2022

The Hampshire Chamber of Commerce recently hosted a webinar in partnership with the Department of International Trade (DIT) to introduce the Internationalisation Fund. It is a co-investment funding opportunity offered by the government to SMEs based in England to help promote and expand their operations internationally. Marya Jabeen, Marketing Manager, Surrey Translation Bureau (STB) was one of the speakers on the webinar.

The other speakers included Rob Lewtas, Partner Relationships Manager, Department for International Trade, Frances Fawcett, International Trade Specialist, International Trade Matters, and Janina Neumann, Co-Founder, Local to Global.

Rob talked about the benefits, eligibility criteria and process for applying for the funding, while the other speakers highlighted why internationalisation is essential for companies engaged in export.

Marya touched upon the importance of translation to ensure clear and accurate communication with international stakeholders and for wider reach of marketing messages. She further highlighted why businesses should only go for translation agencies that are ISO-certified and have professional affiliations. She also offered a checklist of what to ask and what information is needed when getting your website and other content translated.

Jackie Highmore, International Trade Manager at Hampshire Chamber of Commerce commented, “Our relationship with Surrey Translation Bureau goes back many years, not only as a member of Hampshire Chamber of Commerce but as a previous sponsor of our international trade training workshops and felt they would be an ideal partner to work with again when we organised the ‘Introducing the Internationalisation Fund’ webinar.”

The Internationalisation Fund

Targeted at SMEs in England, the scheme offers match-funded grants of between £1,000 and £9,000 to businesses to support their international marketing and growth activities, including but not limited to market research, translation services and consultancy.

The fund is offered by the DIT and supported by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

Surrey Translation Bureau

Surrey Translation Bureau (STB) is an award-winning ISO-certified translation agency in Farnham. STB offers language services to corporates, professional organisations, public bodies, individuals and other translation agencies. We have experience translating across almost all world languages.

STB’s mission today is to provide high-quality and customised language solutions for any client – whatever their size – who wants to thrive in the dynamic global market or who simply wants to communicate more effectively with their customers and suppliers overseas.

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