Written on 29 May, 2018

During May of this year, the MS Trust hosted a charity event called “Miles for MS” to raise money to help support people who live with Multiple Sclerosis. STB’s Jenny Mallinowski decided to set her own challenge – to cover as many miles as possible with walks across the British countryside (as well as walks through the cities of Amsterdam and Berlin during her holiday). Jenny got a lot of help from her fellow colleagues Jenni, Amey, Allison, Katie and Jessica who ran, swam and ran some more. They had a lot of fun and discovered plenty of new places for future walks along the way.

By the end of the month they had collected more than 250 miles and £166.82 for the MS Trust, which will help provide vital support to those who were recently diagnosed and those who are living with the condition. All in all, a staggering £30,000 has been raised by everyone who participated in this challenge – it’s been a truly worthy cause to help those affected.