Who are Surrey Translation Bureau?

Surrey Translation Bureau are a company of experienced translators dealing with a large range of subject material and from over 40 world languages. That number is growing every day too as we continue to expand our staff with a mixture of in-house translators as well as freelance agents.

We particularly specialise in English to Japanese and European languages to the Japanese language. Our Japanese translation services will always be the highest quality and using native Japanese speakers is what we strive for.

This is due to the fact that the Japanese language is very complex and doesn’t have a simple analogue when translating to English and other languages. Japanese also has regional dialects and tonality factors that affect which word one would choose when converting it.


What makes Japanese translation so tricky?

The reason Japanese is a tough language to learn and translate is down to the fact that it has 3 different alphabets to choose from. Using them incorrectly can mean the translation may come across as rude or insulting, or just not getting the message across. Japanese also has five tones; low, high, rising, dipping, and neutral. The fourth one is the most commonly used tone in speech. To ensure accuracy, we take into account these nuances when translating to and from Japanese.


What are the 5 language tones?

The five tones of the Japanese language are: low, high, rising, dipping, and neutral. The low tone is more formal in nature and is typically used when speaking with older people or in more formal situations.

The high tone is often used for emphasis and to convey excitement or surprise. The rising tone is usually used to indicate a question or to soften a statement, while the dipping tone is used to express strong emotion such as anger.

Finally, the neutral tone is generally used when speaking more casually or simply making statements without any particular emphasis. No matter which tone you choose, it’s important to remember that accuracy and clarity are of utmost importance in Japanese translations.


What are the most popular translations for the Japanese language?

The most popular translations we offer are customer service, website localisation, document translations and certified translations as well as food menus and tourist guides.

We can help you with any of these and provide a free quote before beginning the project. All our Japanese documents are translated by professionals who have read and studied the language for many years, so you know you’re getting the highest quality translation.


How can we help with website localisation?

Website localisation is the process of adapting your website to the culture and language of a particular region in order to gain more customers. When it comes to Japanese translation, we have a number of certified native speakers who are able to localise your website so that it appears natural and can be understood by those living in Japan.

This means that your message is conveyed clearly and accurately, increasing the chances of success in the Japanese market. We also look at other aspects such as font size and colour to ensure that it looks aesthetically pleasing too. All our localisation services are delivered with the highest quality in mind so you can be sure of a professional result.

Whether you need a document translated, website localised or require certified Japanese translations, our team of experienced and native Japanese speakers are here to help.


What kind of document translations do you offer?

We offer certified translations for legal documents such as contracts, birth certificates and marriage certificates. We can also translate any other documents including medical reports, business proposals or academic papers. All our work is certified by qualified translators who have a high level of expertise and knowledge in the Japanese language.

Our Japanese document translation services are designed to ensure that your documents are accurately translated and certified for submission anywhere in the world, including Japan. We pride ourselves on providing you with the highest quality translations at an affordable cost.


Contact Surrey Translation Bureau

Surrey Translation Bureau have won many awards both on a local and national stage. We love being recognised by the industry as leading experts in this field. Translation is extremely important to be accurate and tone perfect. It helps bring people together and connect in a way they wouldn’t be able to otherwise.

So whether you want to translate a document for a job or legal requirement, whether you have a small restaurant and want your menu translated correctly or have a Youtube channel or website that needs localisation in order to attract more eyes to your page we are to help.

Simply give us a call or use our convenient contact form so we can see what project you have in mind and how we can help!