Written on 29 September, 2021

Thinking about exporting to Switzerland? The country holds great potential with a stable and trustworthy business, legal and regulatory framework. With a population of just 8.6 million, Switzerland has excellent trading relationship with the UK, ranking fifth for services trade and in the top 10 for goods. Before the pandemic, the total trade in goods was around £19.5 billion per annum, and about £13.2 billion for services (ONS).

Facts about Switzerland

Here are some facts about Switzerland that will guide you through the export process:

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With the recent pandemic and most countries, including Switzerland, experiencing an impact on business activities, it might be worthwhile to work on an export plan based on economic forecasts, rather than past trends. Also, seek support and advice from reliable bodies such as the Department of International Trade (DIT) to minimise the detrimental impact of the pandemic.

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