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Exporting to France: Importance of French translation services

Written on 11 July, 2022

From business services to aeronautical equipment to vehicles, the UK exports approximately £42 billion worth of goods to France each year, which equates to £115 million every day. Thinking about jumping on the bandwagon and exporting to France? Our French translation services can help. 

When exporting, ‘speaking’ the language of the customer is crucial for making your business succeed in the target market. Translation and localisation play an important role in giving your business a global voice. When introducing products to a foreign market, we need to be aware of the linguistic challenges inherent to this process. 

Here are some facts about France that will help you with your export plans:

French translation services

French translation support from a professional translation agency

If you want to expand your business in France, make sure cultural and language barriers don’t limit your reach. Having a trusted translation partner such as Surrey Translation Bureau will ensure your message is in the right language and tone to make a positive impact on your target market.

Since we were founded over 35 years ago by Dr John Cooke – himself a French speaker and Francophile – French translation has been a core part of Surrey Translation Bureau’s business.

With the recent pandemic and most countries, including France, experiencing an impact on business activities, it might be worthwhile to work on an export plan based on economic forecasts, rather than past trends. Also, seek support and advice from reliable bodies such as the Department of International Trade (DIT) and your local chambers of commerce.

Get in touch with the STB team to see how their French to English or English to French translation service can help you expand your business in France.

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