Written on 2 May, 2023

Italy’s trading relationship with the UK, as both an importer and exporter, is very important and beneficial for both countries and their economies. Trade is carried out in high-performing sectors, such as defence and security, life sciences and technology. In 2021 the two countries agreed a new investment deal and trade partnership to boost the already high trade figures. In 2022, trade between Italy and the UK was valued at just over £40 billion.


Some interesting facts about the Italian language

  1. Italian became an official language in 1861.
  2. The Italian alphabet only has 21 letters, the standard Italian alphabet doesn’t include J, K, W, X and Y; they are only used in foreign loan words.
  3. Italian has had a significant influence on English and other Western languages. Common English words of Italian origin include broccoli, fiasco, propaganda, flu, quarantine and lottery.
  4. Italian is the universal language of music, especially classical music, with many composers and musicians hailing from Italy.
  5. The longest Italian word contains 29 letters: ‘esofagodermatodigiunoplastica’ refers to a reconstructive surgery related to the removal of the stomach.

Native English translators and high-quality translations you can trust

Surrey Translation Bureau is an award-winning and ISO-certified translation agency that works with a pool of Italian to English translators specialising in an extensive range of translation areas and subjects.

We have a vast amount of experience in Italian translation; in 2022 alone, we translated 250,218 words from Italian into English.

We assess each project on an individual basis, so that we can provide a translator who is an expert within this language combination and specialises in your text type and subject area.

A few differences between Italian and English that cause translation challenges:

Italian sentences‏‎ are usually much longer and tend to be more complex than the subject-verb-object style of English. When writing in English, Italians tend to use what in English would be considered as a more convoluted sentence structure. Since English and Italian words are both derived from Latin, false friends are a common occurrence, which can cause problems for translators. For example, when translating the Italian word ‘attico’, ‘attic’ would be the most obvious translation choice, but don’t fall into the trap! The correct translation is ‘penthouse’.

Identifying these critical differences in language requires an expert approach. Ensuring your project or proposal can be understood down to the very last detail allows any communication barriers to be broken down, building up your organisation’s presence, prospects and potential on both a local and global scale, in the short and long term.

Why use Surrey Translation Bureau for Italian to English translation?

Here at Surrey Translation Bureau (STB), we think beyond simply translating the text. We also offer a variety of language services to increase the functionality and outreach of your text, including localisation, proofreading, editing, notarisation and legalisation.

No matter your individual or business requirements, the format or purpose of your text, STB’s dedicated and highly skilled team of Italian to English translators can deliver the perfect text to fit your brief, enabling you to address your target audience effectively and successfully.

Contact a member of our knowledgeable team at STB to find out more about our Italian to English translation service.

Contact a member of our knowledgeable team at STB to find out more about our Italian to English translation service.