In today’s fast-evolving translation landscape, the emergence of machine translation and the growing demand for post-editing of machine translation output (PEMT) have reshaped the way we approach translation. This shift has transformed the way translation companies operate as they seek to meet the ever-increasing demands from clients.

With this in mind, at Surrey Translation Bureau (STB), we are proud of our certification to the ISO 18587:2017 standard, titled “Translation services — Post-editing of machine translation output.” This certification underscores our commitment to staying at the forefront of our industry when it comes to PEMT.

What is post-editing?

Post-editing is the process of having a human translator review and edit text that has been initially translated by machine translation engines. If you have documents that have been machine-translated to an acceptable quality level, STB offers two levels of post-editing services: light post-editing and full post-editing.

What is full post-editing?

Full post-editing involves editing the machine-generated content to a level comparable to human translation. This meticulous process ensures a high level of accuracy and is typically suited for documents where precision and fidelity to the original are of utmost importance, such as court cases or legal documents.

What is light post-editing?

On the other hand, light post-editing focuses on editing the machine-generated content to ensure the target text is comprehensible and free from major errors, while not necessarily aiming to reach the same level of quality as human translation. This type of post-editing is well-suited for texts used for information purposes where absolute perfection is not required.

Important note: we want to emphasise that we do not host our own machine translation engines or generate our own machine translation content. Therefore, our ability to offer post-editing services depends on the quality and accuracy of the initial machine translation content provided to us.

Our quality assurance

Regardless of the level of post-editing you choose, you can trust that a qualified translator will meticulously review and edit your text. We take great care in selecting the most suitable translator for your text’s subject matter. All of our translators involved in post-editing projects must meet our stringent assessment criteria, ensuring that your post-editing project is in capable and experienced hands.