At Surrey Translation Bureau, we understand the importance of speaking the language and culture of your target audience. Our localisation service is designed to adapt your content to a specific country or region, ensuring that it resonates seamlessly, avoiding any cultural missteps.

What is localisation?

Localisation is more than just translating words; it’s about creating content that feels native to a particular country or region. When we localise your text, we consider various factors, including vocabulary, grammar, cultural sensitivities, currencies, date formats, addresses, phone numbers, and even idiomatic and slang expressions. This process ensures that your message doesn’t just speak the language but resonates with the local audience.

How do we do it?

When localising your content we look at the following:

  • Cultural sensitivities: we adapt your content to align with the cultural norms and values of the target audience, avoiding any potential cultural faux pas.
  • Regional nuances: languages can vary significantly within a single language, such as US English to UK English. We ensure that your content uses the appropriate regional variations, so it feels like it was created locally.
  • Date formats and more: we address details like date formats, addresses, phone numbers, and currencies, ensuring that your content appears in a way that is familiar and comfortable to the local audience.

When do you need our localisation service?

Our localisation service is often requested to ensure that the language used in your content is completely tailored to the target audience. You should consider our localisation service when:

  • Targeting specific regions: if you’re expanding your presence in a particular country or region, our service ensures that your content is well-received and culturally relevant.
  • Avoiding cultural missteps: localisation helps you avoid cultural misunderstandings that could potentially alienate your audience.
  • Achieving complete customisation: the level of localisation can vary from basic grammar and spelling changes to complex research, such as replacing local area statistics. You can choose the depth of localisation that suits your requirements.
  • Adapting to different dialects: if your content targets different dialects within the same language, localisation ensures that it resonates with each specific audience.

Especially for regional variations:

Our localisation service is especially valuable for adapting content that has significant regional variations. For instance, localization can bridge the differences between UK and US English, making sure your content appeals to both audiences.