As a long-standing client of STB, GCT is a leading supplier of standard and custom interconnect products, focussing on reliable high-quality connectors for a variety of applications in Mobile & Wireless Communication, Computer & Peripherals, Digital Entertainment, Networking, Industrial, Automation, Security, Medical, Instrumentation and other Consumer Electronics. STB translated their website content from English into German using their specialised online portal/Content Management System (CMS).

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“STB staff were really helpful and adaptable which was a huge positive – a really big part of coming to STB for this translation project was the fact that they were willing to work directly on our internal web portal when a lot of other companies were very resistant to even try.”

Making the right ‘connection’

This project was unique for STB as the website content was on an online portal and had to be translated and revised in batches, being mindful of translated text layout. We had no previous experience of the client’s portal and it was difficult to assess the scope of the entire project at the very start.

Given the size and complexity of the project, there were many initial conversations with the client about whether STB could use its translation software, what the exact word count was and which workflow would be the most efficient to use.

It was a steep learning curve at the beginning of the project, but ultimately the process was streamlined as the project progressed.

The STB team which included the project manager, translator and reviser were given training on using the CMS and the client kindly added new features to the portal to make it more translator friendly.

Weekly updates were shared with the client to ensure all parties involved had knowledge of new English content and new German translations available on the portal.

Connecting the final dots

All in all, we translated around 39,042 words for GCT.

The client was pleased that we had been able to complete the work on their terms, giving them the assurance that all required fields were translated for the front end of their website and they didn’t have to make the transfer manually.

For STB, it was a great opportunity to learn about translating on a Content Management System, which is a critical component for most websites today.

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