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Translation of software content from English into other global languages

Head Light is an award-winning and innovative talent management software company based in the UK. Established in 2004, they support customers in defining, implementing and driving their talent management strategy. They offer customised solutions and a wide array of online products to employers, managers and senior leaders, aiding them in the selection, development and progression of people in their businesses.

Head Light case study

Surrey Translation Bureau (STB) started working with Head Light in 2020, supporting their sales activities in different countries. We translate their software content from English into a wide variety of languages, including German, Brazilian Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Italian and Japanese.

“We have developed a close working relationship with the team at STB. They make use of our in-house systems so that they integrate seamlessly into our ways of working. This makes the process slick, secure and error free. We fully expect to keep them close as we evolve our platform into additional languages to meet the needs of our increasingly global client base.”

Developing the ‘Talent’, their suite of HR Tech applications

A notable aspect of the workflow between STB and Head Light is the unusual file format they send us for translation, which includes all of the content from their CMS system. To allow STB to process this, Head Light shared the translation tool they use, in which all translation strings can be viewed side by side. In addition to the client’s tool, STB was also able to integrate the files with our own CAT (Computer Aided Translation) tool of choice, which is widely used by our translators as well. This means we are able to carry out our stringent quality checks as normal, and still send the files back to the client in the format that they need.

Another aspect to highlight in our cooperation with Head Light is the effective communication between the team at Head Light and STB. Rather than sending the client multiple emails with questions from the translators, we compile them in a single query sheet to be uploaded to the client’s helpdesk system. Head Light’s helpdesk and ticket system also makes it easier for us to get the answers needed to deliver accurate and effective translations.

With the regular communication and an efficient workflow in place, we are confident that this partnership will continue to flourish for many years to come!

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