OSKIA is a luxury cosmeceutical beauty brand specialising in cellular nutrition for healthy and glowing skin. Their products are designed personally by the founder, Georgie Cleeve, and formulated by an expert team of doctors, nutritionists, cosmetic scientists and skincare specialists. Launched in the UK in 2009, OSKIA is now a multi-award winning global brand.

Surrey Translation Bureau (STB) has been supporting OSKIA in their global journey from almost the very beginning, partnering with the skincare brand back in 2011. STB has since been providing translation of packaging text for the company’s skincare products from English into various different languages.

Oskia London on a leaf

“Over the years we have gained an excellent working relationship with Surrey Translation Bureau. Any time we need translations in multiple languages we don’t hesitate to contact Surrey Translation Bureau. They are a wonderful team, highly professional, and not forgetting to mention very quick turnaround! We couldn’t recommend them enough.”

Translation – an essential ingredient

Even though English is spoken and understood worldwide, translating product labels is a key step that many cosmetic and skincare companies cannot skip when exporting. From a marketing perspective, it helps them to penetrate the international markets more effectively. It may also be a legal requirement, depending on the countries they are exporting to. For instance, most European countries compulsorily require information on labels for cosmetic products to be in the national language/s, particularly when it comes to precautions or warnings. Ensuring that accurate information is provided in the native language can also help to prevent adverse outcomes like health issues or allergic reactions due to key messages not being properly understood.

A formula that works

Whenever OSKIA are in the process of launching a new product, they approach the dedicated team at STB for translation. We translate the product information on the labels, including but not limited to ingredients, instructions for use and precautions.

As the information on the labels can contain chemical names and other specialist terms, we offer OSKIA our translation and revision service to ensure that the accuracy of the translated text is always checked by a second translator.

Furthermore, we offer quick turnarounds to make sure there are no delays in launching skincare products in the target markets.

A unique blend

As the translations required by this client tend to be quite short and need quick delivery, we offer the client a bi-monthly collecting purchase order. Collecting payment once every two months for all translations done in that period considerably reduces the admin time for our clients and our Accounts team.

We currently translate their content into eight languages: Italian, French, German, Spanish, Danish, Finnish, Swedish and Norwegian. After more than a decade, we are looking forward to expanding our offerings to OSKIA as their global presence grows!