A long-standing client of Surrey Translation Bureau (STB), Pharmedicare is an innovative communications company that creates a variety of digital experiences for sales and marketing teams in the global healthcare sector. They build actionable digital plans, resulting in intuitive and compelling tools and strategic, thought-provoking approaches to help their clients effectively reach their target audience both locally and globally. And it’s here that STB is able to play a supporting role.

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“STB have been a reliable partner in our production of materials in many languages, and support us by delivering translations that suit the style of the projects we work on.”

STB and Pharmedicare share a long history together dating back to 2004. Over the years, we have translated various types of medical documents for them, including drug leaflets, patient information and more. Most projects have been translated into or out of English to several different languages.

A learning journey

Pharmedicare is one of our earliest clients in the healthcare sector. Thanks to the volume of work they offer us and the trust they have shown in us over the years, we are proud to have amassed a wealth of experience and expertise in translating medical and healthcare content.

It has been a steep learning curve, though. Working with Pharmedicare, we were able to identify what questions we need to ask our clients from the medical and pharmaceutical industry. One example of this is being aware what reference frameworks or style guides we need to take into account for when translating. We also streamlined our recruitment process for translators, which involved expanding our team of linguists and onboarding specialists in various medical fields for medical translation projects.

We now have a highly efficient workflow in place with Pharmedicare, where they know what information we require to begin a project, and we have standard frameworks in place to ensure we always deliver accurate and timely translations.

With the regular communication and consistent flow of projects, we are optimistic that this partnership will continue to flourish for many years to come!

Surrey Translation Bureau

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STB’s mission today is to provide high-quality and customised language solutions for any client – whatever their size – who wants to thrive in the dynamic global market or who simply wants to communicate more effectively with their customers and suppliers overseas.