Primerdesign Ltd specialises in real-time PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) kits. The company was founded by experts in 2005 and has since grown a global reputation as a trusted supplier of qPCR kits and reagents. With thousands of customers across 100 countries, they pride themselves on clear and accessible communication. This is where Surrey Translation Bureau (STB) has been playing a vital role since 2017.

Primerdesign became part of the Novacyt Group in 2016. STB were already providing translation services to another company under the Novacyt banner and were recommended internally to Primerdesign. Since then, STB have been translating IFUs (Instructions for Use) and other documents from English into around 20 other languages for Primerdesign to help expand the reach of their products and ensure they are safely and effectively used for the diagnosis of infectious diseases.

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“We’ve been reliant upon STB for translation of all our technical and customer-facing documents… 21 languages so far, and counting! Since last year’s introduction of our range of COVID-19 laboratory test, our need for translations has increased exponentially, yet STB have met the challenge admirably with friendly and efficient customer service.

They have displayed a swift and reliable turnaround time for supplying translated documents, with an impressive attention to detail that is reassuring when dealing with highly precise biochemical documentation.

I’m happy to say there have been no reported quality or comprehension issues with their translations since they began working with us back in 2017. Our many distributors overseas have been very satisfied with the results.

So far, they have always met stated deadlines, and have always provided same-day responses to queries.

We feel we are in safe hands with STB!”

Navigating through these testing times

Understanding the need for effective communication in the wake of the pandemic, STB have extended a 10% discount to projects related to COVID-19 since 2020, to offer some support to those in the healthcare sector. Primerdesign are one such client who have benefited from this offer. We are really pleased to aid in lowering their operational costs while they continue with the essential production of the PCR kits.

Since the start of the ongoing pandemic, Primerdesign have been actively engaged in diagnosing the spread of the virus to ensure a rapid response to it. The increased demand for their products both nationally and internationally has meant they are manufacturing and supplying more COVID test kits to various countries. Thus, having the IFUs translated for the target countries in question has been an integral part of their operations.

Establishing a healthy workflow

Given the end use of the documents that STB usually translate for Primerdesign, it is important to focus on clarity and consistency across each project. The highly specialised nature of the texts also means translators can have queries relating to the subject and wider context. This might have resulted in lots of back and forth between the client and the project manager, but the STB team came up with an efficient solution: the dedicated project manager put together a specific pool of translators that specialise in the field and also compiled a query sheet that had answers to the translators’ most frequently asked questions. This allowed for a consistent approach across the many languages and streamlined the process, reducing the stress on the translators, the project manager and the client, ticking all the right boxes.

This last year has been tough for everyone, but healthcare and diagnostic companies have had the additional challenge of coming up with solutions to test and reduce the impact of the pandemic in what seemed like an impossibly short time frame. STB takes pride in playing a small role in the process and hopes to continue supporting Primerdesign in extending the reach of their testing kits to more people around the world.

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