Neilson Active Holidays is a multi-award-winning tour operator with over 40 years of experience within the travel industry.

Year after year, guests have returned to their resorts, whether it’s for a sailing lesson from their qualified RYA instructors, a freshly served cocktail by the experienced bar staff, or to hit the slopes with one of the Neilson Mountain Experts.

The company has branches and subsidiaries across Europe, including in Austria. For continued operation of the branch they need to file their UK company accounts information in German with the Austrian authorities every year. That’s where Surrey Translation Bureau (STB) came into the picture.


“Working with STB has proven to be an easy solution to meeting a compliance requirement which we don’t have the expertise to handle internally. From quotation through to receiving our final translated documents, STB have delivered an efficient and reliable service: always meeting deadlines with high-quality output that we’re confident to submit to the local authorities.”

Navigating through the language challenges during COVID

With the pandemic significantly impacting the travel industry, Neilson Active Holidays had to find effective solutions to keep costs under control whilst the travel ban was in place. They were fortunate enough to have a German speaking employee in 2020, who was able to translate the financial documents for them internally. While this helped in getting the task done, the translations weren’t done to the same standard as a professional linguist. As the employee didn’t have a background in accountancy, the financial terms were loosely translated and didn’t often convey the right meaning or use the correct nuance for use in Austria.

An all-inclusive language solution

With their circumstances changing, Neilson Active Holidays decided to explore a more professional approach to getting their financial documents translated.

Since their Chief Financial Officer had a positive experience working with STB in a previous role, we were asked to quote for a translation project around mid 2021. Realising the impact of COVID on the travel industry, we offered them a significant discount on the translation of their financial reports.

Since then we have been translating and revising the company’s annual accounts for submission in Austria to ensure the smooth running of their Austrian branch.

Frequent flier

Neilson Active Holidays trust us with their translation needs and are currently in discussion with us for getting another set of financial documents translated. We have a smooth and efficient workflow in place with active lines of communication.

We look forward to continued collaboration over several years to come!