Andrew Lloyd and Associates (ALA) is a European-based public relations agency for the life sciences, medtech and emerging technology markets.

The company aims to help its clients reach multiple stakeholders worldwide and connect with high-profile influencers in their key markets. One aspect of this endeavour is increasing the visibility of news stories by translating them into English, the lingua franca of the majority of the global population. This is where Surrey Translation Bureau (STB) comes in.

STB has been working with Andrew Lloyd & Associates since 2012, translating its press releases from French to American English.

Andrew Lloyd & Associates test tubes

“ALA provides strategic communications for international technology and life science markets. The vast majority of our requests are for French-English press release translations in these fields. STB always provide us with timely, accurate work in a complex area in which we need to rely on the best people available.”

The newsworthy workflow

As ALA works in the life sciences and advanced technology sectors, the content of the press releases is often highly specialised and complex in nature. STB therefore has an experienced team of dedicated translators for ALA projects. These linguists are able to draw on their technical expertise in addition to the knowledge they have built up regarding the client’s preferred terminology and writing style.

In addition to this, ALA’s multilingual team have experience in a cross-section of industrial areas and excellent linguistic skills. This means the translations STB delivers are also looked over by ALA’s in-house editors before the press releases go live. Any stylistic changes are then fed back to us, so we can update our translators and internal documentation on an ongoing basis. This workflow helps us deliver better translations each and every time.

An inspiring story

We take pride in having a longstanding relationship with a female-led company such as ALA. It is inspiring to collaborate with female drivers in the STEM industry, and we look forward to continuing to support ALA and their clients through our translation services.