Based in the heart of Surrey, Taylorwood Solutions have been providing bespoke website design and marketing solutions to small businesses locally and nationally for the last 12 years. They offer their clients continued support from the first step through to updating and maintaining the website on an ongoing basis, that’s why many of their clients have stayed with them for such a long time.

One such longstanding client is a provider of fully digital communal laundry rooms, primarily for student accommodation. Taylorwood Solutions manage their marketing and digital presence, including their apps. Since 2015, Surrey Translation Bureau (STB) has been supporting them in making their digital platforms and marketing content accessible to wider student groups by translating them into different languages.

Taylorwood Solutions graphics

“Our clients depend on us to deliver the highest quality so it’s crucial to have a translation partner we can trust to maintain our standards. The team at STB are so helpful in finding the most efficient way to manage our marketing translation assignments. Knowing we can rely on them to deliver accurate, professional work on – or even ahead of – time gives us one less thing to worry about. We look forward to the continued collaboration.”

Tailored solutions

Taylorwood Solutions and their client identified Chinese, Welsh, French and Spanish as the key languages for reaching out to their target student groups in different cities across the UK. We translate marketing materials such as brochures, leaflets and posters from English into these key languages. At the outset of our collaboration, the client would send us just the English text in a Word file and we would deliver the translations in the same format. They then had to insert the text into the graphics, which is not easy in a foreign language, especially if the script is different, like Chinese.

We then suggested a more streamlined workflow, whereby they could simply send us the design files they use and we would send them back the translations in their native format with all the text in the correct positions. This process saved Taylorwood Solutions a lot of time and effort in placing foreign language texts in the right boxes and also ensured greater accuracy.

Washing away any confusion

To ensure their client’s laundry systems are more accessible and easier to use for foreign students, we also helped translate their app content into these same languages. As accuracy is key to ensure easy and safe usage, all translations are revised by a second linguist to ensure everything is completely correct and suitable for publication before delivery to the client.

With a simple workflow and effective line of communication, we have been working with Taylorwood Solutions for a long time. We hope to continue with the partnership for many more years to come.