BrightStarr is an award-winning technology consultancy that has been working with clients to build digital workplaces, platforms and tools on Microsoft technology for over ten years. The company achieved huge success with its digital workplace solution Unily, an employee experience platform that brings together enterprises and improves productivity, collaboration and engagement. So, in 2018, BrightStarr rebranded as Unily, to simplify the company’s go-to-market strategy around one platform and corporate name.

Unily multi screens

“The team at Surrey Translation Bureau are friendly, professional, and reliable. We, at Unily, are always impressed by the quality of the translations and the speed at which they are delivered. Surrey Translation Bureau provides translations in multiple languages, including Spanish, Japanese, and Swedish. The team is responsive and have worked to tight deadlines. We look forward to continuing working with Surrey Translation Bureau.”

Surrey Translation Bureau (STB) started working with the company in 2015 to help make its products and solutions more accessible to a wider market.

Improving the experience

Unily is always exploring ways to improve the customer experience and offering their solutions in a wide variety of languages is a key part of that approach.

To begin with, they used a free online translation tool but soon realised that the translations it provided were far from accurate, especially in less-common languages. They then tried using freelance translators but given the wide variety of languages there was a huge amount of admin work involved in managing the multiple linguists.

After experimenting with a couple of other translation options, they approached us. They wanted to outsource the whole translation process to a professional translation agency in order to reduce the inaccuracies and effort involved in prepping the text before and after using online translation platforms.

Seven years on, STB is still working as a trusted translation supplier for Unily!

A streamlined process

We started with a few languages but have now progressed to translating into 40 languages, including Swahili, Amharic, Indonesian and more. We work on dictionary terms and software strings for the client’s software products, translating them from English on a regular basis.

To keep the process quick and efficient, we have 40 linguists working simultaneously to ensure that all the translations are delivered at the same time. In order to maintain consistency, we also strive to use the same team of native translators each time, as they are familiar with the client’s expectations in terms of branding and style.

Expanding the collaboration

Alongside the regular software translation that STB provides for Unily, we are looking to further diversify the services we provide for this client. For example, we recently translated their website from English into German. As the reach of Unily’s solutions continues to grow, we hope that our collaboration with them will do the same.