PatientView is a research, publishing, and consultancy group based in the UK that believes in patients having a say in all important healthcare decisions, from introduction of a new healthcare product to changes to the national health system. The organisation has been working globally to help define and support the patient movement— one of the most important factors changing healthcare in the 21st century. Surrey Translation Bureau (STB) has been working with PatientView for the last ten years translating survey questionnaires and outcomes and press releases from and into several world languages.

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“We have been working with STB for the last ten years on several challenging multi-language projects and they have always delivered quality work in a timely manner. In the field of healthcare it is of primary importance that work is accurate, and we have every confidence in STB in delivering on that front. They are very professional and efficient and it’s always a pleasure to speak to their team.”

Building the framework

PatientView undertakes research for various clients including patient groups, industry and regulators, spread across different parts of the world. For a global reach and to get the most accurate answers possible, they have the survey questionnaires available in various languages. This is where STB comes into play. For “The Corporate Reputation of Pharma 2018” survey, the client sent us the survey questionnaire first to be translated from English into 18 languages including Dutch, Turkish, Chinese, French and Finnish. Once the client had the responses back from the participants in their respective languages, we translated the answers back into English for PatientView to analyse and report on.

Surgical precision

Given the niche terminology used in the survey text, especially in regard to certain medical conditions, it was imperative for us to use translators that specialise in the field with extensive experience translating similar texts. Having worked for PatientView for over a decade now, we’ve assembled a dedicated team of linguists for the languages the client usually needs, who are now well versed with the logistic and linguistic demands of each of these projects.

A ‘healthy’ outcome

Following successful completion of this project, STB is now working with PatientView on several other projects, including translation of “The Corporate Reputation of Pharma 2019” from English into 19 languages. We hope to continue being part of the client’s future endeavours.

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