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Translate German To English

Do you require the professional help of a linguist? Perhaps you have a document that you would like to translate from German to English? Or maybe in your profession you receive documents in various languages, and are concerned the translation isn’t clear? If so, look no further than Surrey Translation Bureau for all this and much more.



Our dedicated and qualified team of professional project managers and translators will provide you with the perfect English & German translations. In addition to our core translation service, we also offer editing, revision, typesetting, and many other services. We provide a high-quality, comprehensive and professional service to all of our clients.

Whilst using various apps and websites can help to translate a document, things can often get lost in translation. Important information can be lost, and data can be misunderstood. It’s wise to invest in the help of a specialist translation agency who will manage every element of your translation professionally.


When you choose us, we’ll provide you with a quote and deadline as to how long it will take to complete your project.  One of our dedicated project managers will oversee your translation. They will complete the project efficiently, and to the very highest standard. Because we want to make sure every customer is 100% satisfied, our project managers are on hand at all times.


Here at Surrey Translation Bureau, we offer a complete translation service and are here to help. We’re dedicated to providing a first-class service, and can translate a variety of languages, all of which are proof-read by native speakers of your target language.

We would be delighted to answer any questions you may have regarding translations from German to English, and vice versa. Contact us on 01252 601 058 or email us your query at hello@surreytranslation.co.uk for a quote or to discuss our services.

The German translator at STB

A German flag spotted by STB's team of German translators



At Surrey Translation Bureau we are very fortunate to have an in-house translation team! This is a huge advantage for us. Our in-house translators can respond to urgent translation requests quickly and advise our project managers on linguistic queries.



From very early on at Surrey Translation Bureau, German to English and English to German translation have been two of our core language combinations, and still are today. That’s why it’s so useful to have one English to German translator, and two German to English translators in house. In addition, two of our project managers fit German to English translation jobs around their busy schedules. For any translation, it is important to have it written by a native speaker. This ensures that all the nuances of the original document are carried across, and that the translation sounds natural.



Our fantastic team of full-time, in-house translators at STB have many years’ experience – 18 years between them! They usually translate documents covering technical documentation, marketing material and financial, legal and medical documents. However, they have also worked on less standard material, from parasites in farm animals to material for a golf tournament to charity aid reports.



One reason why German to English translation constitutes a sizeable chunk of the translations we do for clients – and why it’s important to UK industry – is because Germany exports many products to the UK. These products range from white goods, such as Bosch washing machines, to cars, such as BMW and Volkswagen. These brands may seem a very clichéd idea of Germany, but you just have to look around your house and on your street to see how prevalent these items are in British society.



STB’s ties with Germany don’t just extend to our German clients who often require translation into English, French, Chinese or Hindi…, or our clients from the UK who need a German translator to reach new markets. We are also a member of the German-British Chamber of Industry and Commerce who hold regular networking events.



Although German translation is important at Surrey Translation Bureau, we can’t forget the other 100+ languages we translate. Export relationships are expanding from the traditional partnerships, such as England and Germany or England and France. We are seeing increasing demand in languages across the board; not just into English or out of English, but other combinations, such as German to Chinese, or Japanese to French.



In addition to our in-house and freelance translators, our project managers all have a Masters degree in translation. As a result, they are able to thoroughly check and sometimes complete linguistic work from French, Spanish, Swedish, German, Italian, and Portuguese to English, and from English to Finnish and Chinese.



If you want to know more about German translation or any other language combinations, ‘Schreib uns eine E-Mail’ to hello@surreytranslation.co.uk or call 01252 730 014.