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Translation and related services

  • Core Translation

    Our standard service by a qualified native linguist specialising in the subject matter. Automated verification checks are run on the file before delivery and if potential errors are identified, the project manager consults and amends the file accordingly. This is intended for information purposes where style is not a priority, such as technical manuals, meeting minutes, internal documentation and inbound correspondence.

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  • Revision

    We ask a second translator to compare your translated document to the original document. This service is highly recommended when accuracy of the translation is crucial.

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  • Editing

    If the content of the document is going to represent your business through publication or your website, editing by a native speaker will ensure it has the right tone for your target audience.

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  • Transcreation

    Writing a brand message for a different language and culture with the same impact as the original campaign.

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  • SEO translation

    Translating your website content optimised for the country you want to target.

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