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Quality & confidentiality

Quality and confidentiality


At Surrey Translation Bureau, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality translations and therefore have stringent quality control measures in place. We are BS EN ISO 9001:2015 certified and also independently BS EN ISO 17100:2015 certified, the European standard setting out the requirements for the provision of quality services by translation service providers.

Quality translations are our bottom line. Here’s how we ensure that you always receive a high-quality product and service:

Highly qualified in-house team

Our in-house team of Project Managers are all qualified professional linguists with a graduate qualification in languages, and are certified users of SDL Trados Studio translation software. The Project Managers are also supported by a professional team of in-house translators.

Stringent translator recruitment and assessment

We only use professional translators who have been carefully selected by our dedicated resource management team. Translators must have proven qualifications or equivalent experience, and all new translators are tested prior to being approved and registered on our database. Tests are assessed by experienced and trusted translators in the same language combination, who provide us with detailed feedback. In addition, we check references and test translators’ ability to use translation software.

Rigorous quality control

Every translation is quality checked, no matter the size or service level. We will always liaise with you to ensure that we fully understand your requirements and address any queries concerning the translation.

The exact quality control process will vary depending on the service level selected, but in all cases, if we have the slightest doubt regarding the content or quality of the translation, it is returned to the translator or an independent linguist to be verified.

We run leading quality assurance software on translations prior to delivery to perform automated checks of spelling, grammar and formatting as an extra double-check to make sure that everything in your translation is as it should be. If the translation has been completed using computer-assisted translation (CAT) software, we also check that the translator has remained loyal to the previous translations and any client-approved terminology.

Finally, to help us monitor quality standards, every 100th job undertaken by Surrey Translation Bureau is subject to a formal quality review.

Cross-project consistency

Your dedicated project manager will build up a team of translators to work on your projects, so that everyone involved becomes familiar with your preferences and implements your feedback in future projects.

We also use computer-assisted translation (CAT) software to ensure that translators can access the phrases and terminology used on previous projects and that text such as catchphrases, mottos and titles of guidelines and regulations are always translated in the same way. More information about our use of CAT tools is available on our additional services page.

In addition, we offer a tailored terminology management service. If you are interested in finding out more about this, or discussing your options, please visit our additional services page or contact us at


Your documents are important to you, which means that they are also important to us. We understand the need to keep your files secure and the data contained in them confidential. Our confidentiality procedure is an integral part of our BS EN ISO 17100:2015 certification and all staff working at Surrey Translation Bureau, both in-house or on a freelance basis, have signed non-disclosure agreements with us, in order to protect your data.

We are also happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement with you before you send us your text. Please rest assured that should we be commissioned to carry out translation work for you, all your documents will be handled in a safe and secure manner and only distributed to those working directly on the project.

We have experience translating for high-security military customers and would be happy to implement enhanced security procedures if required. If you would like to discuss this option further, please get in touch at


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